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Hello everybody and thank you very much for the warm response to my Web site.
Last week I came back to Finland after a short Greek tour that went fantastic. The gigs with LITTLE DADDY’S BLUES band were really a treat for me. Teppo Mäkynen is one of the greatest drummers around and I felt very lucky and honored that he joined the gigs.

Sami Linna is a very solid and magnificent guitar player and Dimos Dimitriadis made one of his best performances that I’ve heard of (after these gigs he left immediately to New York for an exchange teaching residency at New School).
I also played with Juliet Kelly the brilliant vocalist from London and the entire band had a great time and I hope that we will play again soon. Check her out at www.julietkelly.com .
I also did two trio dates at Parafono Jazz Club with A. Leventopoulos and K. Kouvidis.
Many of my friends they came to see me and we had great time jamming altogether.
It reminded me 10 years ago when I used to play there with my trio. It was very touchy and I know that many friends of mine they miss me (and I miss them too).
Now as I said in my previous news letter, a piano recording will be released on the 16th of April by a new company called Puzzlemusik. I had this recording for more than 6 years unreleased but thanks to Dimitris Vasilakis that he mentioned the recording to the owner of Puzzlemusik, Christos Alexopoulos, now the time has come to be released  and give an end to my piano period (an end? You never know…)

Anyway is my favorite piano recording so far and very special to me. The participants are many great musicians such as Alvester Garnett on drums, Kostas Konstantinou on bass, and Sam Newsome on soprano sax, Lydia Filipovic on vocals and the I.Q string quartet.
Next month I am planning to upload some tunes from that album which is called ‘The Storyteller’.
By the end of this month I am looking forward to perform with Manuel Dunkel Quartet at April Jazz Festival in Espoo-Finland. Rick Margitza will be playing with us in a tribute to Elvin Jones.
In the music section I don’t have any downloads for this month although you may find and listen Little Daddy’s Blues sample-tunes by visiting online stores like Amazon, CD Universe, etc.
Have a pleasant April and see you next month.


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